Mt Tomah

Mt Tomah.

Part of the landscape at Blue Mountains Botanical Garden,Mt Tomah.

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, at Mt Tomah, is the cool weather garden of the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, 1000m above sea level and just over 100km from the Sydney Gardens. The spacious and light filled Exhibition Centre is perfectly situated with a spectacular view over the Blue Mountains all the way to the city of Sydney.  A magnificent backdrop to the exhibition.

The week before I arrived it had snowed at Mt Tomah  and there was still quite a chill in the air but in my short stay I saw the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. The rangers had left a much appreciated stack of firewood for me at the Residence so I could keep the fire going all night.  Left to my own devices,in the evening I wandered the Gardens magnificent collection; the ancient conifers, the bog garden, the daffodil lawn and an interesting and well interpreted Plant Explorers Garden.  Stunning King Parrots and cheeky blue wrens were prolific.

Saturday’s Mixed Media Workshop went ahead with participants bringing along an eclectic mix of media including some fantastic hand dyed paper.  A cold grey day outside but we didn’t really notice, so industrious were we that I neglected to photograph the workshop!

For visitors, the exhibition area was a popular space to congregate so, before heading off,  I was able to speak about the works to a number of interested viewers.  The Performance of Hannibal & Spud being quite popular with the Sunday visitors!

Mt Tomah 3.

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Entrance

Mt Tomah 2.

Beautiful Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mt Tomah.

Mt Tomah 5.

Mt Tomah exhibition.

Mt Tomah 6.

Mt Tomah exhibition.Julie McEnerny

Mt Tomah 4.

One of the ancient conifers at Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mt Tomah.

Mt Tomah 7.

The magnificent Blue Mountains Botanical Garden.


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